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Full Service Education and Training Programs

Advantage Education is dedicated to providing effective educational services to students, educators, and business professionals. Our common-sense approach to test preparation and education combines a fun, interactive environment with sound theory and practical application.

All Advantage Education programs are the result of a combination of years of experience in education and test preparation, expert knowledge, and proven methods.

Customized Tutoring

Our individual tutoring programs pair each student  with an expert Personal Tutor who develops a custom program based on the student's personal needs. Students prepare with official released test items and prep books written by the test makers.                                                                     

Available anytime, anywhere, to anyone with a computer and Internet access, Personal Distance Learning® is like face-to-face tutoring, but from the comfort of your own home. Flexibly scheduled sessions establish a live connection to your Personal Tutor.

Different Approaches to Learning

Advantage Education offers ACT instruction via phone and Zoom with our Personal Distance Learning® programs. Thousands of students have succeeded by putting their trust in Advantage Education.


We also provide consulting and training services to schools and educational institutions and content development to publishers of books and software.

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Premier ACT Preparation

All of our Instructors and Personal Tutors are experts with a wealth of relevant experience who have been carefully selected and trained in order to meet our exacting standards. Outstanding qualifications, such as standardized test scores in the 99th percentile and advanced degrees, are the norm among this elite group.

Ongoing evaluation by management and students helps to maintain the high quality of our training staff.

In The News
The Pandemic’s Effect on ACT: Sharpening Commitments to Higher Ed

October 25, 2022

By: Kenton Pauls, senior director for Higher Education Strategy and Engagement


When historians author their account of the “pandemic years,” many will offer their version of how the pandemic shocked and even threatened the college testing industry and organizations like ACT. 

AEI, LLC Announces New Affiliate Program!

AEI, LLC is proud to announce the formation of ACT Classroom, created to meet an expanding need - helping students gain admission to better colleges and earn more scholarships in the process.  


"Amy helped my daughter to become a smart test-taker. She qualified for several scholarships and awards. Amy is terrific!"


-G. S., ACT Parent

"Amy - I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for helping me on the ACT! My new composite is a 35. I got a 35 on English, 34 on Math, 36 on Reading, and 33 on Science. I really appreciate all of your help, especially in Reading and Science!"


-A. T., ACT Student

"Other tutors and books failed to provide the realistic training that Steve offers. If you are serious about getting into college, call Advantage today!"


-L. S., ACT Student

"After working with Steve I was able to crack the ACT and got a 36 ! His help made all the difference in getting those last few points for a perfect score!"


-C. S., ACT Student